Our history leads us to combine the best of Islamic traditions with the freshness, originality and independence of the Islahi Movement. Our efforts shall raise our community profile and esteem, enhance the quality and purpose of our existence and promote innovation and excellence in socio cultural activity and provide significant returns and tangible benefits to the society that we belong.

Our choices will reflect the strengths we already have, the special characteristics and needs of our community, and the historical and economic factors on which we can build with advantage.


The very best managers are not those who can merely deal with change, but those who stay ahead of it. Such managers pack a toolkit filled with interdisciplinary skills, practical experience, and an intimate and entrepreneurial knowledge of the place they belong.


Designation Name Mobile No. Email
CEO SHABEER VELLADATH +966505467341 [email protected]
COO SAJID PALATH +966561830587 [email protected]
ADMIN MANAGER BASHEER PUTHANATHANI +966501262050 [email protected]
FINANCE MANAGER ABDUL JALEEL CH +966564413527 [email protected]
HR MANAGER MUHAMMED MADAVOOR CH +966534826012 [email protected]
MARKETING MANAGER JAREER VENGARA +966501072146 [email protected]
EVENT MANAGER MUHAMMED RAFI +966543201054 [email protected]
P R OFFICER IMK AHMED +966590063033 [email protected]
ISLAMIC AFFAIRS HAFIZ RAHMAN PUTHUR +966536283100 [email protected]
FOCUS CARE MANAGER ABDULLA THODIKA +966558030813 [email protected]
QC MANAGER BASIL ABDUL GHANI +966542677999 [email protected]