Our movement proudly shares the youth, energy and enterprise of this awakening called ‘FOCUS’. Our resources include the spirit of a frontier society and the heritage of culture that have come together in our way of life.

We offer to society the understanding/criticism of traditions, established structures and the comprehension & development of human intellectual and physical endowments.

We welcome the stimulus and challenge that this brings us and are committed to open communication with our community, to the mutual exchange of ideas and experience.

The needs of our community are central to our choice of directions, and an increasing diversity amongst our members in age, experience, interests and expectations.

In pursuit of our mission we have set the following Agenda for the Future: We will strive for efficiency in administration and maintain collegiality in governance. We will strive to make FOCUS as accessible as we can while maintaining standards of quality in our programs. Our strategic planning will flow from this mission statement and the participatory process which has shaped it, drawing on the wisdom and experience of all members of focus and its governing/advisory bodies.

We will continue to pursue innovative initiatives in such areas as Public relations, Health and Career Guidance. We will institute a system of regular program reviews to ensure that our programs are well directed and well implemented. Strengthening our member base and retaining our Patrons shall be an all time open agenda of the FOCUS Executive. We will seek the advise of the SIIC/IICJ Executive panel to review our priorities as and when required. ‘FOCUS’ will offer a climate of mutual respect amongst all those associated with our movement, and build a sense of community and openness by enhancing services and ambiance.

In our relations with the wider community we will act to ensure that the public is well informed and well served by it. We will emphasize the needs and interests of the general public in organizing intellectual, cultural and athletic events.

Our aim is to pursue this mission with integrity for the benefit of the people of our community, our society and all around us..