About Us

Are you ready to expend your spare time and health, the two important blessings of the God almighty for which we are strictly accountable, to support the community and to develop your personality?

Are you interested to participate in social works in such a way that you would be able to sharpen your professionalism and achieve organizational proficiency and leadership skills?

Do you wish to modernize the conventional methodologies and practices of community developmental activities by the diligence of youth and neoteric thoughts and activities?

Would you like to experience the fraternity, love and contentment achieved through an enterprise that exercises the activities which are helpful for the society and oneself?

If you feel ‘yes’, we welcome you to the vastness of Focus Saudi, which develops new experiences in social intervention through diverse activities.

Focus Saudi is a youth organization which is established by a group of youngsters who were disturbed by the very thought of metamorphise the young expatriate’s weariness and idleness for the sake of social resurrection..